AndesMETS started with a vision: to create an organization that would allow successful local providers from the Andean region to share ideas, resources and networks to expand to other world-class mining regions.In the process of making it happen, we quickly realized that all of us, in the six original founding companies, had the same goal as a priority: to conquer the most challenging and sophisticated mining market in the world: Australia. A country each of us had been visiting on business missions since 2015.By late 2020, AndesMETS was constituted as an association to first consolidate this ambitious objective, and then expand into other new markets. Today we are doing so by using what we have already learned and mastered about internationalization, to guide new mining providers from this part of the world throughout the different stages of the process. We believe that in this way we can contribute to tackling the challenges in technology, innovations, better processes, social demands and sustainability that the future of global mining demands.

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About AndesMETS

AndesMETS is a network of experienced METS companies, successfully servicing the mining industry in the Andes region, currently driving our internationalization into new markets to contribute to a better mining industry for the world.


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