When the largest mining companies decide to work with AndesMETS members, they don´t only receive World Class Services, Products and Innovation but they also contribute creating mutually beneficial value. All the success stories that will fill these pages will be constructed collaboratively between our clients and our current and future members.


Exploration requires effectiveness and speed to obtain concrete results. Our members provide equipment for this process with total success in more than 35 markets around the world.

Project Development

Our members have been working with the Andes biggest mining Project Vice Presidencies & Contract Management areas adding value with their Products and Services, covering Prospecting Studies, Engineering, Construction, Commissioning,  Operations, Maintenance and mine closure stages.

Mining and Extraction

Achieving balance between risks and benefits must be carefully calibrated in order to increase safety, quality and productivity. Our members can provide valuable insight into how to achieve this, having already a particularly emblematic case to demonstrate this:

FMA After 2 years of joint development with BHP Australia, FMA

After 2 years of joint development with BHP Australia, FMA delivered in February 2021 an SVTH 4000 Vertical Tyre Handler, a unique trade-mark design, for the Yandi Mine in Western Australia. The unit is expected to drastically increase safety levels and speed and become a breakthrough in tyre management technology.

Plant Processing

AndesMETS members know that integrating mining processing technologies into new advanced mining systems can offer important benefits, including reduction in waste, increased productivity, and improved resource utilization amongst others.

Mine Closure

Mine closure is a dynamic process that must consider environmental, social and economic factors. AndesMETS members fully recognize the crucial relevance of this stage and that of developing solutions to manage and address these risks.

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About AndesMETS

AndesMETS is a network of experienced METS companies, successfully servicing the mining industry in the Andes region, currently driving our internationalization into new markets to contribute to a better mining industry for the world.


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