WAGEMANN Lawyers & Engineers is an international boutique law firm specializing in Construction law, with offices in Madrid (Spain) and Santiago (Chile).

Our multi-disciplinary team has extensive experience in the prevention, management and resolution of disputes that may arise in construction projects. Our firm partners provide advanced expertise in contract & claim management, Dispute Boards, arbitration and delay forensic analysis and damages quantification. Our experience includes FIDEC and PPP contracts, as well as technical support in arbitrations under ICC and UNCITRAL rules, among others.

What we do:

  • Contractual Planning and Design Selection of contractual models to be used in a project. Contractual risks analysis and consulting for proposals assessment/preparation. Development and review of engineering, construction supply, D&B, BOT, DBOT, BOOT, BOMT’s, EPC and EPCM contracts.
  • Strategic Contract Support / Contract Management Strategic advice. Support in the preparation and analysis of change orders and variations. Contract risks analysis and mitigation methods. Technical and contractual communications follow-up and drafting. Training.
  • Claim Management Claims preparation, including technical and contractual substantiation. Claims comprehensive analysis in both their technical and contractual aspects. Advice and assistance in the claims negotiation process. Support in the preparation of presentations for technical panels, Dispute Boards, Technical Experts and, in general, Alternative Dispute Resolution Systems (ADRs). Strategic support in the management of disputes when faced with multi-tiered clauses.
  • Technical support in Arbitration and litigation/Expert Reports Technical and contractual analysis of each case´s strengths and weaknesses. Advice to law firms when defining the case strategy. Technical-contractual support to law firms during arbitration or litigation proceedings. Expert witness and technical opinions preparation, as well as expert reports on damages quantification, higher costs, general expenses analysis, disruption (productivity losses) and delays forensic analysis, among others.

Fernando Landeros


56 9 4004352

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