At Serviall, we offer supply and asset care solutions for the mining and industry sectors. With a catalog of over 30 globally recognized brands, a professional team, cutting-edge technology, and a robust logistics network, we ensure the availability, administration, and management of tools, supplies, personal protective equipment, and critical items for our clients.

Our aim is for our clients to focus on their operations while we take care of their supply and asset management.

Our main solutions include:

  • Onsite Supply: Onsite hardware store, tool carts, and self-service supply (vending machines, reserved locker delivery, and self-service warehouse)
  • Stockroom and Mobile Stockroom Management
  • Product Supply: Price agreements, consignment, and spot sales
  • Technological Solutions: Through our technology partner, Alliot, our solutions utilize:
  1. Stockroom management software
  2. Asset care and asset tracking software
  3. Asset maintenance and repair management software

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AndesMETS is a network of experienced METS companies, successfully servicing the mining industry in the Andes region, currently driving our internationalization into new markets to contribute to a better mining industry for the world.


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