Our companies have gotten together in order to provide a value offer that stands out for its quality and robustness. AndesMETS will build connections with the Andean mining sector providers that are ready to export and have an offer of certified products and services that will perfectly align with yours.

What do we Offer?

Associativity & Technology Transfer

Our members promote and boost associativity in order to solve current and future mining challenges, facilitating a technology transfer in all directions.


Our partner companies have been and will be carefully selected. Our principles and values will be what sets our quality standard.


We will look for and promote the most adequate means for you to get to know first hand, the most outstanding innovations and offers from our associated partners.

Success Stories

Success stories based on our ability to collaboratively provide inventive solutions will provide you with the most valuable data sheets, allowing you to objectively evaluate the alternatives that best suit your requirements and needs.



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About AndesMETS

AndesMETS is a network of experienced METS companies, successfully servicing the mining industry in the Andes region, currently driving our internationalization into new markets to contribute to a better mining industry for the world.


  • Access to Innovation and guaranteed Quality
  • International Growth
  • Scale & Acceleration
  • Contacts Network
  • Clusters & Synergy
  • Resources & Experiences