We Techs is a start-up that utilizes IIoT technology for monitoring, control, and remote analysis of water and other industrial fluids, enabling companies to achieve efficient management and sustainable operations.

At We Techs, our business model is centered around making a positive impact on our surroundings. We harness innovation for effective water resource management, promoting responsible consumption and production, and fostering community engagement.

For our operations and future development, we prioritize ESG criteria, with a focus on environmental, social, and corporate governance impacts. We also align with the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations General Assembly, particularly those related to water, innovation, and communities.

The We Techs digital water monitoring and solutions ecosystem empowers mining companies to gain visibility and track their water systems. Our goal is to provide real-time measurement and reporting, optimize resources, facilitate shared value solutions with communities, and ensure compliance with monitoring and reporting regulations.

  • Data Visibility (WeApp) A platform for equipment and systems visibility for various industrial operations. It integrates a number of data and monitoring sources in a single multi-user and views platform adjusted to each user and operation type.
  • Data Analysis for Decision Making A Platform for KPI dashboards, real-time status and reportability that provides a quick process evaluation for timely decisions through a robust and predictable operation.
  1. Implement: Expertise according to operation type (water, plant, etc.), data analysis, business and artificial intelligence.
  2. KPIS: Operational health monitoring, production goals compliance and summary table with real-time indicators.
  • Operational Modules Specific operations modules that allow to incorporate remote management and automation of the ones that are not included in the general operation monitoring system.

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