TESRA is an Engineering company with a strong affinity and focus on innovation.

We develop innovative solutions to challenges within the areas of our expertise, which include Fluid Transport Systems, Heap Leaching Operations, and Copper Electrowinning Processes.

Our clients are copper mining operations in the region and the country.

Our services include:

  • Pipe Inspection: We inspect water and concentrate transport systems to detect faults and potential breakages.
  • Heap Leaching: We use video pipe inspection systems to review and monitor drainage pipes in heap leaching piles and identify unresolved issues related to the cover or draining bed.
  • Thermal Monitoring in EW Plants: In collaboration with Canada's SSPW company, we have developed a thermal monitoring and short circuit detection system for copper cathodes in the electrowinning plant.
  • Civil Mechanical and Railway Engineering: We provide engineering services for railway infrastructure.

Gerardo Olivares


+569 84499545

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