O2 Company

Challenge water losses for the mining industry

O2 Company is an innovative, science-based company that is born with the purpose of tackling water losses due to evaporation, which can reach up to 80% per month.

With O2, we aim to have a significant impact on the mining industry by generating substantial water and cost savings, enabling more efficient, safe, and sustainable operations.

Specifically, we can support your operation through four fundamental pillars:

  1. Achieve better and increased production, generating significant water and cost savings by preventing water evaporation (50 to 80% per month).
  2. Significantly mitigate the proliferation of Microalgae (within the first three months of use) by 70% or more in savings.
  3. Offer a safe product that complies with all water standards: drinking water, irrigation, wastewater, and it does not mix with water, making it a sustainable and secure innovation.
  4. Provide you with a new "competitive and differentiating" attribute in your markets as a change manager, adopting innovations that significantly reduce water and carbon footprints.

It's worth noting that we have been awarded the 2020 Environmental Innovation by the Chilean-British Chamber of Commerce, as well as the National Environmental Award in the Water category. We are currently in a global acceleration process with SQM Lithium.

Carlos Körner


+ 56 9 81374857


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