High performance Down the Hole Hammers and Drill Bits.

With over 50 years operating in the Drilling Industry, At Drillco® we are experts in hard rock drilling. We design and customize Down the Hole Hammers and Bits to meet the hardest of conditions, offering custom-made solutions to meet each mine’s operational goals.

Drillco® is today among the top tier global manufacturers of DTH tools, competing on a daily basis with the most well-known brands, and is continuously developing products that offer customers a smooth and trouble-free experience, having as the ultimate target to offer the lowest cost per meter, while also achieving other performace targets relevant to each individual application.

  • Extensive network of technical field support worldwide.
  • Experienced engineering team to provide product development.
  • Robust supply-chain for uninterrupted product availability.
  • Bit and Hammer training courses for drillers.
  • Bits and Hammers maintenance services.
  • Consultancy and support for reducing the Total Drilling Cost.
  • Straightforward warranty policy, with a first answer within 48 hours.

Rolando Carmona


+562 2431 2211 – +562 2431 2204

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