Vantaz is a global consulting firm with over 20 years of experience providing integral support to our "mining clients value chain". We offer an integrated approach based on diverse technical and industry knowledge as well as functional experiences, providing concrete solutions specifically tailored for each customer’s requirements and supported by our team of over 180 qualified consultants in Australia, Chile and Peru.

Vantaz Group most distinctive capabilities are:

  • Productivity (Organizational Effectiveness, Process Improvements, Synergy, Supply Chain, Investment Projects)
  • Technology ( OT- IT Architecture, Transformation and Integration, Control and Quality Assurance, PMO)
  • Sustainability (Health and Safety, Environment, Communities)
  • Asset Management (Maintenance Planning, Operational Discipline, Readiness Assessment)
  • Organizational Change Management (Stakeholder performance evaluation, Training, Communication and Change Monitoring)
  • Market Intelligence ( Supply & Demand Studies, Vendor Research, Process & Costs studies )
  • Outsourcing (Document Management BPO, Technology BPO, HR BPO)

Mauro Mezzano


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AndesMETS is a network of experienced METS companies, successfully servicing the mining industry in the Andes region, currently driving our internationalization into new markets to contribute to a better mining industry for the world.


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